When your passion evades you because of your purpose

We always ask the questions of: “Why am I here? What is the reason for my existence?” In life we are on the constant search for what our purpose is in life. Some might find it immediately, others will find it later, and unfortunately there are some that do not find this significance in their life.

Through the years, scientists and researchers have developed tests to assist us in our decision to determine our path we should take. Tests such as personality, ability, capabilities, behavioural and many more have contributed to bringing clarity to where there seems confusion. What happens if the person still does not find this needed existence and belonging? (Which is the ultimate goal people try to obtain – the need to be accepted and belong).

A well-known Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, Victor Emile Frankl, have stated in his studies (whilst being a captive) that a person will only find true happiness and meaning when they find their ultimate self. This comes down to the fact that you as a person is the only one responsible for your own happiness. No one can take this happiness away, only if you let them.

Frankl’s research also stated that a human being’s life is of importance when they find the meaning in their lives. “Striving to find meaning in one’s life is the primary motivational force in man” (Frankl 1992, p. 104) Therefore if you have no purpose, you have lost your passion in what you do and why you do it.

How can you put this passion back in your life?

The first step to take on this journey, is to know yourself from all aspects – this does not include what the world’s perspective is of you. As people we rely mostly on tests to find out what/who we are and can be contradicting since we have the intelligence to manipulate the algorithm used to predict who we are. We can also have different results regarding the circumstances for that particular day, such as incidents happening, the weather, fatigue and mood/personality for that day.

The only one that knows you better is you. Different aspects outside you can influence and persuade your perspective, but it is your decision to allow (or not allow) these influences to happen and change who you are. A person’s subconscious mind is stronger when it is constantly stimulated with the same message, meaning if you constantly state to yourself that you cannot do something, then your subconscious mind will believe it in time and make it your life value. This part of the mind is as strong as the information you feed it.

Here are some techniques one can use to help you find your purpose, and thus passion for life:

  • as human beings we find ourselves in a constant whirlpool of being too busy and not having time to think about the important facts about ourselves and about life. We are constantly thinking on what must be done next, but not what we should we focus on to find ourselves.
  • When acts become ingrained in your life, you sometimes lose sight of the passion for doing these acts. Fortunately, through your actions, it is possible that others around you can highlight this and give you insight – you might have already found your passion but have lost sight of it simply because it became part of you. They might also see something you have missed that you have not done before.
  • This can easily be obtained through finding and keeping positive people in your life. When they constantly fill you with that “good feeling”, you will be more motivated to take on different things and try various experiences. The more you fill your life with different experiences, the more your possibilities will open up to you.
  • By talking to different people outside your social circle, a new world of opportunities and possibilities will open up to you. Not only that, you will be able to learn new information regarding things you have not even realised before. You can even come closer to who you are by communicating with different people. For some it might be difficult, but by doing this you will overcome much more than you have bargained for.
  • You already know what you like, what if you share this information with others? By sharing what you like to talk about will make your passion and purpose much more visual and clearer. This also considers what you love to do such as, gardening, singing, writing stories, knitting, or designing.
  • Most people prevent themselves from doing a certain act or think in a certain why simply because they have created a belief that they cannot do it. Find out what this is and how you can overcome this, because this might be just the thing that is holding you back from finding your true purpose in life. A person with various options has a greater chance in finding passion in life.

When considering all this, you must remember, you are a unique human being and that you are the only guide to your destiny and purpose, as well as your own obstacle to your true happiness. Which side of the coin will you choose? Your purpose or the obstacle? 

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